Gross-Bryant honed in on details that would set her clients’ home apart –
— Sharon Jaffe Dan, Home & Design magazine



My dad was a contractor. My mom was a teacher and part-time seamstress so my home was always filled with floor plans and textiles. It only makes sense that my life would lead me to interior design. I should have really gotten the hint when I’d always get excited from the smell of lumber.

I grew up in New York and Louisiana and have traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These cross-cultural exposures have given me an appreciation for distinctive qualities and led me to creating a dynamic and unique design aesthetic - where the rare element is my cornerstone for great design.

I love to honor the essence of each client by focusing on individualizing spaces so the design truly reflects their uniqueness. I have been told that I have a keen ability to listen well, hone in and execute the essence of our clientele.

Sourcing rare elements helps me to create highly nuanced and unique interiors. Blending what is classic with what is uncommon, yields the ultimate design.

Our experienced and passionate team is solution-oriented, client-focused and is adept at providing concierge-like service.


With an MBA and B.S. from University of Maryland’s Smith School and experience in corporate branding and management, she adheres to strong business practices, utilizing milestone timelines and project management software to streamline each project.

Lorna also holds a B.A. in Interior Design and she has earned the Designer of Distinction award from the American Society of Interior Designers, one of their highest honors. She is licensed, NCIDQ certified and also serves as a board member of the International Women’s Forum.


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A Wider Circle’s mission is to end poverty through the provision of housing, household furnishings, career counseling and multiple other support vehicles.